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You can add links to documents, registers, folders, and portfolios. Links are cross-references to other documents, registers, folders, or portfolios. The linked objects can be quickly viewed by clicking the links.

Access to link functions is regulated by the rights system.

If you have linked two objects, they will both be flagged with a Link icon Link icon in the 'Links' static column of object lists (for example, in hit lists, at locations, or in the favorites area).

Please note that the 'Links' static column may be hidden. You can find information on how to show and hide static columns in the enaio® client settings in 'Fields' area .

Objects in the Link area will only be shown to users who have the necessary rights to access the index data. If an object is linked to another object for which you do not have access rights or which is located in the recycle bin, the object remains flagged with the Link icon Link icon, even if you cannot access the linked object.

Creating Links

enaio® client offers several options for creating links between objects (documents, registers, folders, or portfolios):

You can assign a free text to links. To do this, go to the ENAIO ribbon tab, select Settings > Auto and enable the Automatic free text input option. This will open an editor during link creation. In the editor you can add a text to the link. This link will be shown for both linked objects.

Searching Link Texts

You can perform searches based on link texts.

Click the Menu ribbon Hit Cancel search icon Cancel search button in the ribbon to once again show all objects in the content area or link area after having run a search.

An incremental search against hit lists is not possible. The settings for placeholders (see 'Auto' area ) are not used here.

Opening, Viewing, and Managing Links

You can display the links of an object flagged with a Link icon Link icon in the link area or in the link window. There you can open the linked objects, add and subsequently edit link texts, and also remove links again.

Open the link area by clicking the Link area icon Link area icon in the status bar of the folder window. Open a link window by clicking the Link icon Link icon in the context menu of the marked object.

The following functions are available to you in the link area or in the link window:

If you open a link window in an object list, the links of the object marked in the object list are displayed. If you open a link window in the link area, the links of the linked object are displayed.