Links to External Applications

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You can create links to external applications in enaio® client. This allows you to start external applications directly from enaio®. You can use parameters to transfer document files or data when starting the external application depending on the configuration of the link.

When you transfer enaio® documents to an external application and edit them there, changes in the document are not automatically transferred to the document file in enaio®.

Links can be created in Workspace Object search - icon Object search or in Workspace Navigation - icon Navigation. They can then be executed from there, as well as from ribbon tabs or from the context menu (if you enabled the appropriate checkboxes when creating them).

Links that you created in the object search can be copied to the navigation.

Links that you have created can be made available to other users if you have the appropriate rights.

Creating Links

To create links to external applications you will need the relevant system role.

Starting External Applications via a Link

External applications can be started in different ways:

Editing Links

You can delete, rename, and add links to the navigation area (see Customizing the Navigation). You can also change the parameters and assign a function key to the link. If you select a link in the object search in the Desktop area, then you will find the following functions in the context menu:

Icon Comment
Desktop – Run linked application – Icon


The external application is started.

Desktop – Edit linked application – Icon


The 'External application' window will now open. You can now make changes.



The link is available to other users on the public desktop.

Special rights are required to use this feature.

Desktop – Remove from navigation and object search – Icon

Remove from navigation and object search

The link to the external application is deleted.


Copy for navigation

The link is copied and can be inserted into a group of the navigation by selecting Copy from object search in the context menu.

Desktop – Send e-mail – Icon

Send e-mail

The link is sent to an e-mail recipient. enaio® client users can double-click the attachment to import it into their object search.

Links can be managed in folders in the Desktop area. Click the Desktop area and select Desktop Create folder icon Folder in the context menu. A new folder is created. You can name the folder. The context menu contains functions to name folders and delete empty ones.


AXVBTASK works with Microsoft Outlook. As a result, you can create tasks, discussions, journal entries, contacts, and appointments and add folders, registers, and documents to them.

Set up a link for the application (see Creating Links). The axvbtask.exe application is located in the ...\client32 directory.

If you do not specify a Microsoft Outlook parameter, no task will be created.

The Microsoft Outlook parameter must always be entered first.

Example of a Parameter Transfer

The following parameters are transferred to the axvbtask.exe application: -d %g

A discussion is created and the selected documents are sent as document files.