Creating References to Documents

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A reference document is a document file with multiple locations and index data forms. Only one document file physically exists, which is linked to multiple locations. Reference documents are marked with a green Reference document – icon Arrow in object lists (for example, in hit lists, at locations, or in workflow files).

Reference documents are not the same as documents with multiple locations. Reference documents are found in different cabinets and can be based on different document types. Documents with multiple locations are all located in the same cabinet and all have the same document type (see Assigning Multiple Locations to Documents).

Creating Reference Documents

If you drag an object to another folder or register while holding down the right mouse button, a context menu will open. You can decide whether to add another location to the document, create a copy (see Copying Documents), move the document, or create a cross-type reference document.

If you create a cross-type Reference document – icon Reference document, you will be prompted to assign a different document type to the document file. Select a document type that corresponds to the file format and enter the index data. If there are fields with the same internal name, the index data will be pre-populated. Data in tables is not pre-entered.

Editing Reference Documents

When working with reference documents, however, you cannot edit the document file in reference locations. You can only edit the document file via the original document. You can find the location of the original document using the Locations and links overview display (see Creating an Overview of Locations and Links). Select a reference document and open the overview display of the location relationships using the Locations and links icon Locations and links function in the context menu. Among other things, the original document, the location of which location you can access using the Open location icon Open location function in the context menu, is listed the overview display.

You can edit the index data of reference documents from any location. Changes to index data made at one location do not affect the index data of other locations.

Deleting Reference Documents

If you delete a reference document, then only the location data at that specific location will be deleted. All other locations are retained. Deleted reference documents cannot be restored.