Editing E-Mails

enaio® client 10.10 »

You cannot edit the content of e-mails that you have transferred to the archive. However, you can copy, view, reply to, and forward e-mails in enaio®. You can open or save an e-mail attachment by double-clicking it. The e-mail index data can be edited.

Open e-mail messages, just like you would any other document, from the hit list or from a folder window by pressing Open or by double-clicking the entry. The e-mail application will now open. The administrator can integrate your default e-mail program for editing e-mails.

You can copy e-mail messages in enaio® client (see Copying Documents) and assign e-mails to multiple locations (see Assigning Multiple Locations to Documents).

E-mail attachments can be dragged and dropped from the e-mail window onto an open folder window if an associated W-application is configured for them (see Creating and Filing W-Documents).

Documents can also be sent as e-mail attachments (see Sending Objects as E-Mail Attachments).