Service Releases

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OPTIMAL SYSTEMS publishes regular service releases and hotfixes for current versions. Service releases include new features, function upgrades, and new components.

The installation data can be obtained via the Service Portal.

A complete list of service releases and hotfixes can be found at the following locations:

There is a JSON file that contains only the change history of the component in the download directory of each component.

Below you will find a current selection for version 10.10:

Date Component
06/24/2024 enaio® webclient SR 2 Hotfix 18
03/28/2024 enaio® repository-manager 4.3.5
09/29/2023 DMS service 5.5.2
09/28/2023 System update TLS/SSL

enaio® gateway

In addition, install all available service releases and hotfixes for enaio® to keep the system as a whole up-to-date and thus avoid errors.