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The form may have no more than 240 elements. If you set up a 'Page control' dialog element, you can additionally add 240 elements on every page.

Dialog elements typically consist of at least two elements: a field and a label field. Text fields consist of three elements. In addition to the field and label field, a text field also includes an element for a catalog or add-on button. This means, for example, that a maximum of 80 text fields are permitted on a form. If the maximum number of elements allowed is exceeded, a corresponding message will be shown.

Forms are created in the model editor using the form designer.

Forms which have already been created are displayed on the Forms tab.

You can create a copy of a form and drag & drop forms onto the Forms tab of another model.

Create a new form using the New form button.

Enter a name.

Double-click the form or use the Edit button in the context menu to open the form in the form designer.

The form designer consists of two areas:

  • Properties window
  • Enter the properties of the form and the properties of each dialog element.

  • Form area
  • Create dialog elements and edit the visual properties of the dialog elements.

    The window features a grid. Edit the grid settings using the context menu.