Creating Dialog Elements

enaio® editor 10.10 »

Click to select the element type from the Dialog elements toolbar. Then click anywhere on the open form.

An opened form in the workspace will be displayed according to the grid settings.

These are the process steps to create dialog elements:

  1. To open the form of an object type from the workspace, double-click or select Edit from the context menu (menu key).
  2. The form will be opened in a separate window on the workspace. In the title bar the cabinet and the name are specified.
  3. Click the requested element type of the Dialog elements toolbar.
  4. The cursor is used as a positioning tool.
  5. Click anywhere in the form.

The dialog element will be created with a default size and name. It is selected. The properties of the dialog element are shown in the properties window. Double-click on the archive object to open it in the workspace.

If you hold the left mouse button, you can change the size of the dialog element.

If you hold down the mouse button and press CTRL, you can create multiple dialog elements of the same type one after the other.

In the properties window, you can position and arrange the dialog elements by clicking and using the tools on the Layout toolbar.

Dialog elements which are opened in the workspace can be copied or cut and then inserted in the same or a different form.

If you create or edit the properties of a dialog element, there will be an '*' appended in the title bar of the form and the properties window until you have applied the changes.

When you close the form or the properties window of an archive object, you will be prompted if you want to apply or discard the changes.

If you apply the changes they will be temporarily saved. If you want to adopt changes permanently, save the object definition.

New dialog elements are shown in the tree structure in the workspace after you adopt them. Until you save the object definition they will have an '*' appended. If you need to modify the tables, an '!' is appended.

Deleting Dialog Elements

Dialog elements are deleted via the context menu of the dialog element in the workspace or via the context menu of the selected dialog element in the work area. If you adopt changes when closing the form they are temporarily saved. Save the object definition afterwards.

If you delete dialog elements for which a column has been created in the corresponding database table of the object type, the column will not be deleted and the data will remain in the database. The data can no longer be accessed via enaio® client or via editing histories.