The Performance Wizard

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The performance wizard checks the consistency of the property 'Case-sensitive' and the respective database property.

For databases you can set whether or not to take case into account when carrying out searches.

If your database is not case-sensitive it can make sense to assign the property 'Case-sensitive - No' to the dialog elements. If dialog elements have this property the search will be restated with the redundant feature 'Upper'. Long delays can be caused due to the fact that databases usually disregard the database index for such searches.

It only makes sense to give the text fields of database type 'all characters' or 'letters' the property 'Case-sensitive - No' to make the queries easier, if your database usually takes case into account when running searches. However, the database index is usually not influenced by this setting.

The performance wizard checks if the database matches case or not. If the database does not take case into account, all dialog elements with the property 'Case-sensitive - No' will be displayed and you can select to change the property for every single dialog element or for all elements at the same time.

Next, you will need to save the object definition so that the changes are applied. These changes have no effect on the database tables. They are already created and do not need to be updated.

You can open the performance wizard independent from the validation process via the File menu.