Copying, Inserting, and Deleting Dialog Elements

enaio® editor 10.10 »

The selected dialog elements can be cut or copied via the context menu or using the buttons on the default toolbar in order to place them anywhere else in the form or on a different form.

  • Select the required elements.
  • Choose Cut or Copy in the context menu.
  • Open the destination form (if not the same).
  • Choose Paste from the context menu.

The cursor is used as a positioning tool.

  • Click anywhere in the form.

The cut or copied dialog element will be inserted at the selected position. They retain their properties.

If the form already contains elements with the same name, the inserted element will have a number appended.

For text fields that have catalogs or add-ons assigned to them, you may need to modify the parameters after they have been inserted. Radio buttons require an associated group field.

Selected dialog elements are deleted using the context menu or the Del key. In text fields, both elements – the label field and the input field – will be deleted even if you only selected one of them.