Aligning Dialog Elements

enaio® editor 10.10 »

The positions of the dialog elements are aligned with the help of the features available in the Layout toolbar.

When aligning, all elements are aligned according to the field or element which has a dotted frame.

You can align the left, lower, the right, or the lower frame of the selected element to the element with the dotted frame.


You can center the elements horizontally or vertically. The reference point is the element with the dotted frame.

In the Layout/Arrange menu, you can vertically and horizontally unify the distance between selected elements. You can choose to execute the function based either on the distance between the center lines of the elements, or the distance between the elements themselves.

Please note that there is no difference made between label fields and input fields when aligning and arranging them. If both are selected they will be aligned according to the same reference point.