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With multi-fields, the user can index the pages of a black-and-white, color, or grayscale document individually.

Via the text fields in enaio® client, a button for indexing is assigned which opens the indexing dialog. Multi-fields on a form are always grouped in a separate area of the form which is always located on the bottom of it.

This area is set up using the Multi-field section button when you create a document type. Then the area will be added with the standard height. The height can be set to a maximum of 5000 points. The width of the area will always be aligned to the height of the form.

You assign the database field type 'all characters' to the multi-fields in the properties window. The further properties 'read-only', 'read-only after archiving', 'read-only after initializing', and 'Supervisor field' are available.

If a user edits the indexing in a multi-field, the corresponding database table will be locked until editing is completed. As long as the document is locked, another client must wait until it is unlocked and no other actions are being executed to access it. Other users will not be able to see why the client is waiting in such cases. For that reason, only use multi-fields after careful consideration. Generally speaking, you can achieve a similar effect using the 'table' dialog element.

enaio® webclient does not support multi-fields.