Properties of Dialog Elements

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Dialog elements have different properties based on their type. The database properties of the text fields, as well as the indexing and search properties, are defined in the properties window; the easiest way to configure image properties is using the mouse and the layout features.

Static text, images, and buttons only have image properties.

All dialog elements on a form have an assigned tab order. This order can be defined via the layout features.

The properties window is opened by double-clicking the archive object in the workspace. The properties window of the selected dialog will be opened.

In the top section of the properties window you find a list of all of the dialog elements of the archive object, from which you can select a dialog element to show the properties for.

If you have selected multiple dialog elements, the properties window will only list the properties that all of the elements have. If a given property varies from dialog element to dialog element, you will find three asterisks in the corresponding row.

Dialog elements can be given internal names. You require internal names when you use scripts, create different language versions, and use add-ons which refer to other dialog elements. A maximum of 100 characters are allowed. For the first character of an internal name the characters 'a'-'z', 'A'-'Z', and the character '_' are allowed. Numbers and a dot are also allowed for other characters.

Special characters can be used for naming the dialog elements. However, errors may occur if you use scripts to refer to dialog elements containing special characters. Try to avoid special characters or use internal names for references to dialog elements.

Dialog elements which are managed by automatic features can be created with negative coordinates so that they are created in an area that is not shown.

Within the name for dialog elements the character '&' on forms has a special feature. If you place an '&' in front of a letter, the user can use the keyboard shortcut ALT+LETTER to go to the dialog element. For dialog element 'Button', this will automatically initiate the button's event.

If you wish to use an '&' within the name of a dialog element, please enter '&&'.

enaio® client uses ALT+A on search forms for the Start query function and ALT+E on the data forms for the Save function. If you assign these keyboard shortcuts via field names, these are given priority.

Regardless of the function of the '&' on a form, it is part of the dialog element name and will be displayed outside of form as a character, for example as the column name in a hit list.