Creating a Project Room

enaio® coLab 10.10 »

Once you have created the enaio® coLab object type and added the mapping file, you can then create a project room.

The project space can only be created from an enaio® folder or an enaio® register.

The enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator application must be installed on the workstation of enaio® client or integrated in enaio® webclient; if not, you will not be able to create a project room (see Installing enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator).

To create a project room, follow these steps

  1. Open enaio® client and right-click the folder or register you plan to share using enaio® coLab.

  2. Choose Actions > enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator from the context menu.

    Click the corresponding name if you chose a different name for the application when installing enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator.

    enaio® coLab launches your default web browser and opens the project room creator wizard.

    You automatically become the owner (member) of the new project room when you create a project room.

  3. Enter the name and description of the project room and save your settings.

    The project room is now created.

  4. Go to the Settings page in the project room and check the status of the enaio® coLab object type. The following statuses are possible:

    • Waiting for coLab upload status...

      Use the F5 key to refresh the Settings page two minutes after the project room has been created to ensure that it has one of the following two statuses.

    • coLab upload type is not available

      If the enaio® coLab object type is not available, you should add it, following the steps described on page Defining enaio® coLab Object Types.

      If the enaio® coLab object type is not available, it will not be possible to upload new documents to the project room and then to enaio®.

    • coLab upload type is available

The project room has been successfully created when the enaio® coLab object type is available.