Installing enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator

enaio® coLab 10.10 »

The enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator application allows users to create new project rooms in enaio® client where they can share their documents with external project members.

To install enaio® coLab-Project-Room-Creator, follow these steps

  1. Copy the following two files to any directory on your local computer:

    <colab-install>\colab project room creator\enaioProjectRoomCreator.exe

    <colab-install>\colab project room creator\enaioProjectRoomCreator.exe.config

  2. Open enaioProjectRoomCreator.exe.config in a text editor and change the protocol and domain name in the following line:

    Example: http://<gateway-IP>/colab/#/create-project-room/{objectid}/{sessionguid}

  3. Save the configuration.

  4. Open enaio® client and navigate to Object search > Desktop. Right-click to open the context menu and select Application.

  5. In the Application dialog, specify the name as follows: Create coLab project space

  6. In the Application field, specify the enaioProjectRoomCreator.exe file from the directory where you saved the file.

  7. Enter %i into the Parameter field.
  8. To allow users to launch the application by right-clicking a folder or a document object you select, enable the Show in context menu and Show in ribbon options.

enaio® webclient and enaio® webclient as a desktop application

A call from enaio® webclient and enaio® webclient as a desktop application can be configured using the tools.json file.

  • Path parameter: "path": "http://<gateway-IP>/colab/#/create-project-room/$osid$/$username$"