Installing enaio® mail-archive-service

enaio® mail-archive-service 10.10 »

enaio® mail-archive-service is a microservice and is installed via enaio® service-manager. The 'mailjournaling' service is enabled during installation. The service is installed with the following values by default: 512 MB memory and port 8100.

The service is not enabled after installation. Enable the service using the instances parameter of the servicemanager-sw.yml configuration file located in the \config\ directory of enaio® service-manager:

- name: mailjournaling
  type: microservice
  profiles: prod,cloud,blue
  instances: 0
  port: 8100
  path: ${appBase}/mailjournaling/mailjournaling-app.jar
  arch: x64

Change the value of the parameter: instances: 1

Also check there if the profile blue is assigned to the service.

enaio® service-manager must be restarted after the change has been made.

Version Note

enaio® version 10.10 came with version 1.0 of enaio® mail-archive-service.

The current version is version 1.4.2.

Necessary Adjustments

Check if the profile blue in the servicemanager-sw.yml configuration file is assigned to the 'mailjournaling' service and complete the profile assignment, if necessary.

Only enter the address of enaio® appconnector using the parameter if enaio® appconnector is installed on a different host.

Some parameters of the mailjournaling-prod.yml configuration file are no longer evaluated, even if they are still present after an update.

The enaio.dms.username parameter is no longer needed in the mailjournaling-prod.yml configuration file and should be deleted. If the parameter has not been deleted, it is still evaluated. It can be used to specify a different technical user for the 'dms' service than the one that is part of the assigned profile blue.

If you have already installed enaio® mail-archive-service 1.0, then you will need to modify the mailjournaling-prod.yml configuration file located in the \config\ directory of enaio® service-manager after upgrading to the latest version.

enaio® mail-archive-service 1.0 enaio® mail-archive-service 1.3 / 1.4.2
    client-id: xxxxxxxx
    tenant-id: xxxxxxxx
    secret: xxxxxxxx
    mailbox-user: #an email address
    mailbox-read-folder: #folder name from which backup mails should be pulled
    mailbox-error-folder: #mails that could not be processed
    message-mode: #mailbox set as ...
    client-id: xxxxxxxx
    tenant-id: xxxxxxxx
    secret: xxxxxxxxxxx
      - user: #an email address 
        read-folder: #folder name from which backup mails should be pulled
        error-folder: #mails that could not be processed
        message-mode: #mailbox set as ...

Functional Extensions

  • Folders with reference documents to make them easier to access for users can be created in a separate cabinet.

  • Registers can be created within the folder. The registers contain the e-mails for one day, one week, or one month, depending on the configuration.

  • Multiple mailboxes can be configured.