XSLT Directory Synchronization

enaio® 10.10 »

The 'XSLT directory synchronization' action synchronizes data from LDAP-enabled directory services such as Windows Active Directory services with the enaio® user administration.

The action imports users and groups from Active Directory and assigns system roles, additional groups, profiles, and workflow roles to these users via a configuration file.

Access rights for object types are configured in enaio® administrator.

XSLT directory synchronization can be run manually via action management in enaio® administrator and cyclically via enaio® start.

The action supports the use of different synchronization logics as a plug-in. This document refers to the best-practice synchronization logic 'Group Prefix' used for synchronization with Microsoft Active Directory.

The 'One-time password' property is not part of the data when importing and exporting user data. This property is given to newly imported users if they were enabled in enaio® enterprise-manager beforehand. Existing users will not receive this property. Technical users should not receive this property.