Retention times

enaio® 10.10 »

For documents, enaio® manages two types of retention time information: the retention time and the scheduled retention time. If this information is available for a document, it can be viewed in the Object information in enaio® client.

The retention time is set in the course of archiving via the external storage systems. In doing so, the scheduled retention time can be entered as the retention period. If no scheduled retention time is specified, the retention time can be determined based on the specified retention days of the relevant configuration.

The retention times for storage systems that are integrated via the 'archive' microservice can be specified via the profile configurations in the application-storage.yml file or in the storage configuration Planned retention times always have priority.

For file-based storage systems, retention times are specified in enaio® enterprise-manager when configuring the paths to media.

The planned retention time is assigned via scripts in enaio®. It can be specified and changed for archived as well as not yet archived documents. An evaluation is also possible via scripts and the COM interface.

The retention time for documents in Centera archives and its successor ECS cannot be changed later on. The retention time for all other supported storage systems can be changed using the 'Edit retention time' automatic action.

Please note that if retention times extend beyond 2038, NetApp archives may be prone to the Year 2038 problem. To avoid this, select the relevant option in enaio® enterprise-manager.