Checking for Identical Documents

enaio® 10.10 »

When creating documents, enaio® server can check whether identical documents already exist.

The server checks whether any other document file with the same hash value is stored. If so, the user receives a corresponding message inenaio® client.


The user can start a bit check to eliminate any uncertainty.

The user can copy the document, group the documents that are regarded to be identical in a portfolio and open this portfolio, or create the document as a reference document to the existing document.

This check is activated by adding the following entry to the \etc\as.cfg file of the data directory:


If more than one server is in use, you will need to add this entry to the configuration file of each server.

Hash values must be saved for all documents (see 'Hash Value and Hash Value Signature').


In some cases, it may be impossible to reliably detect whether an identical copy exists:

  • if client-side encryption for the document type is active,
  • if a handover operation involves document conversion, for example, when storing an image document which is converted into a PDF format,
  • when transferring e-mails. Instead, you can configure deduplication for e-mails via the 'mailstorage' EMS service. Only if there is no configuration there, the as.cfg entry will be evaluated.