yuuvis® RAD Integrations

yuuvis® RAD client 9.x »

yuuvis® RAD client can work directly with Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Outlook. For this to happen, the following optional yuuvis® RAD components are required:

yuuvis® RAD agent, yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In, and yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In are set up by your administrator at your workstation.

  • yuuvis® RAD agent

    The yuuvis® RAD agent creates a connection between the browser and the local workstation (see yuuvis® RAD agent).

  • yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In

    yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In functions are integrated directly into Office applications via yuuvis® RAD (see yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In).

  • yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In

    yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In provides functions that make it easier for you to transfer e-mails from Microsoft Outlook to yuuvis® RAD (see yuuvis® RAD Outlook Add-In).

The yuuvis® RAD add-ins add a new group named yuuvis® RAD to the Start ribbon tab in Microsoft applications that contains buttons for various ECM functions. For example, you can use the yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In to file newly created Office documents directly from Office applications to yuuvis® RAD. Documents created in yuuvis® RAD can be opened directly in Office applications with the help of yuuvis® RAD agent and yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In at the click of a mouse. When closing, they will be saved directly in yuuvis® RAD and checked in again.