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Substitutes are users that can take charge of tasks from process work items on your behalf when you are absent. If you report your absence in the yuuvis® RAD system and have defined one or more substitutes, all of your notifications regarding process work items will also be shown in your substitutes’ inboxes. The permission to appoint substitutes is assigned to you by the administrator. The administrator can also assign substitutes to you with the same areas of responsibility.

Substitutions work as follows:

  • User C substitutes for user B who substitutes for user A.

    If A and B are out of office, then C will receive all inbox notifications from B, but not those from A.

  • User B substitutes for user A, and user A substitutes for user B.

    If both users are out of office, no notifications will be forwarded.

If a substitution is required for follow-ups, it is recommended that you have your administrator create a corresponding process model for this.