Editing or Returning Tasks

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You can edit tasks from processes directly in the Inbox. You can open your inbox by clicking the Inbox icon Inbox icon or via the Main menu icon Main menu icon > Inbox on the yuuvis® RAD bar.

The Message List

On the left-hand side of the inbox you will find the message list. The details of a selected message are displayed in the center, in the task area, and on the right-hand side of the inbox in the object area.

By default, tasks in processes are indicated by a Process icon Process icon in the message. Tasks assigned to you as a substitute are labeled as a  Substitution . Tasks that you have accepted are displayed in normal font, while tasks that you have not accepted are highlighted in bold.

Tasks that include a deadline are listed with a date  mm/dd/yyyy, hh:mm . If a deadline for a process has been exceeded, it is highlighted in red in the message list and the task area. The deadline date is shown in the task area up to this point with Due on. It will be marked with Overdue since once the deadline has passed.

The icons of the entries in the message list can be adapted to the specific system by the administrator.

With just a few clicks, you can limit the tasks shown to those in processes with the Filter icon Filter in the message list. You can also choose to view only the substitution tasks.

The Task Area

If you select a task in a process in the list, the following aspect areas are shown in the task area – Task, History, and Process file:

You can edit, return, reject, or forward tasks from process work items directly in the task area:

Adjusting the Layout

You can change the layout of the areas (see Hiding and Undocking Areas). You can also change the arrangement of the aspect areas to your liking (see Object Aspects).

Aspect areas can be hidden by the administrator. As a result, the functions described may not be available to you.