System Requirements

yuuvis® RAD client 9.x »

yuuvis® RAD client is the browser-based work environment for day-to-day work with the yuuvis® RAD system. yuuvis® RAD client allows you to work with

  • documents and metadata (DMS),
  • data-based, modeled specialist applications,
  • processes on documents and specialist application objects (BPM).

The yuuvis® RAD client does not need to be installed, and can be used at any workstation that is able to connect to the yuuvis® RAD server and has an up-to-date browser (Google Chrome or Firefox) installed. yuuvis® RAD uses cookies to cache information. You may have to give permission for this to take place.

yuuvis® RAD client supports the latest versions of the following browsers:

Browser Operating system
Google Chrome

Windows 10, 11

Android 11 for tablets or higher

Microsoft Edge ESR Windows 10, 11
Mozilla Firefox ESR Windows 10, 11

Hardware required for using yuuvis® RAD client:

Hardware Value Comment
Screen resolution Min. SXGA (1280×1024)  
Working memory At least 2 GB  
Hard drive storage At least 1 GB available For cache
Network connection At least 100 Mbps  
Processor Pentium Core i3 or higher  
Peripherals Mouse and keyboard  

The 'Roboto' system font from Apache Software should be installed on the workstations in order to obtain the optimal typeface.