yuuvis® RAD repository-manager 9.x »


As a prerequisite, yuuvis® RAD and all of its components must have been installed.

yuuvis® RAD repository-manager provides the 'ArchiveLink' interfaces according to the S/4-BC-AL 7.40 integration scenario.

This interface is supported by SAP ERP 6.x and higher and S/4HANA from version 1503 onwards. ArchiveLink is not available for S/4HANA Public Cloud.

yuuvis® RAD repository-manager provides the 'ILM' interfaces according to the BC-ILM 3.1 integration scenario.

This interface is supported by SAP ERP 6.0 EhP 8 and higher as well as S/4HANA from version 1503 onwards.

The Visual C++ Redistributable Package for Visual Studio is required. The package must be installed before installing the 'repository-manger' service.


You will receive the following data to install yuuvis® RAD repository-manager:

  • 'repository-manger' service


    Schema provided via yuuvis® RAD designer as part of the active schema.

'repository-manager' Service

The 'repository-manager' service is installed using yuuvis® RAD service-manager.

After installation, yuuvis® RAD repository-manager must be enabled via the servicewatcher-sw.yml configuration file from the \config directory by assigning the instances parameter the value 1:

name: repositorymanager
type: microservice
profiles: prod,cloud,mq
instances: 1
arch: x64
memory: 768M
port: 8010
path: "${appBase}/repositorymanager/repositorymanager-app.jar"

Once completed, yuuvis® RAD service-manager needs to be restarted.

For the communication between yuuvis® RAD core-service and yuuvis® RAD repository-manager, you usually have to increase the memory allocation for the 'dmssidecar' microservice from 512 MB (default) to 1024 MB via the servicewatcher-sw.yml configuration file.

Default Settings

yuuvis® RAD repository-manager is installed using central settings. Customizations, if necessary, should be performed before starting the service. Remember that YML files have a specific syntax.

Port 8010 is the default port for 'repository-manager' services. If you need to change the port, do so in the servicewatcher-sw.yml file. You will need to restart yuuvis® RAD service-manager afterward.
Working directory

By default, the working directory is created by yuuvis® RAD service-manager in the \rm\working-dir subdirectory of the data directory.

You can use the working-dir parameter of the repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file to customize it.

The repositorymanager-prod.yml Configuration File

The repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file is installed by yuuvis® RAD service-manager in the \config directory during installation. Use a text editor to enter the parameters in the configuration file.

A template is copied to the \service-manager\rm\config-example directory during installation.

Parameters of the repositorymanager-prod.yml configuration file:

Parameter Type Description Sample value
repository-manager.propagate-retention Boolean

true: retention periods are assigned to the documents.

Default: true

repository-manager.working-dir String Working directory ${}\rm\working-dir
repository-manager.barcode.default-docType String

Default SAP document type, if there is no barcode mapping for the yuuvis® RAD content type.

repository-manager.barcode.cntType2docType String

List of entries for mapping the barcode document type, separated by pipe characters.

Entries consist of yuuvis® RAD content type, equals sign, SAP document type.

repository-manager.barcode.repository-config String

List of entries separated with the pipe character. The entries are SAP repositories that support barcode documents.

If all SAP repositories support barcode documents, no entry is necessary.

YT|YR String Directory where KGS stores data in the barcode scenario. ${repository-manager.embedded-tomcat}\webapps\cs\work\contentserver\barcode
repository-manager.logger.path String

Path to the directory for logs

repository-manager.logger.max-history Integer

Maximum retention time for the logs in days.

repository-manager.components.text String

List of formats for the document type for text documents

repository-manager.components.scanned String

List of formats for the document type for scanned documents

repository-manager.barcode.default-protection   Barcode: document protection, if not provided by SAP rcud
repository-manager.barcode.default-protocol-version   Barcode: version number of the ArchiveLink log, if not provided by SAP 0046
dms.username String Name of the technical user

Default: root

The technical user requires full access rights to the objects.

dms.password String Password of the technical user Default: optimal
dms.uri String

IP address and port used by yuuvis® RAD repository-manager to connect to yuuvis® RAD core-service:

'dmssidecar' service or yuuvis® RAD core-service
dms.use-sidecar Boolean true: connection via 'dmssidecar' service false
repository-manager.http-calls.connect-timeout Integer Timeout in seconds for the connection to yuuvis® RAD core-service Default: 30 Integer Timeout in seconds for reading data Default: 60
repository-manager.http-calls.write-timeout Integer Timeout in seconds for writing data Default: 120