yuuvis® RAD Data Imports

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Importing Data with Talend Components for yuuvis® RAD

yuuvis® RAD makes components available for Talend Open Studio. They are integrated there and can be used for importing data.

The yuuvis® RAD components for Talend are part of the installation data in the \yuuvis_rad_talend_tools\ directory.

The content of this directory needs to be copied to the directory of Talend specified as 'User Components Folder'.

Use the links for more details on Talend Open Studio and on integrating and configuring the 'yuuvis Connection' components and the 'yuuvis Import' components.

Imports with yuuvis® RAD capture

Large quantities of documents can be efficiently digitalized with yuuvis® RAD capture and, if needed, simultaneously marked with a legally compliant electronic signature. It offers a wide range of options for image editing, text and barcode recognition, and batch-based document processing.

yuuvis® RAD capture supports most TWAIN-compatible scanners as a standalone or distributed enterprise solution.

yuuvis® RAD capture has two modes: quick mode and project mode. In project mode, scan configurations can be configured and saved for complex or frequently recurring scan tasks where metadata, for example, is recorded. Such a project configuration is necessary to supply documents with the associated metadata so they can then be easily imported into the yuuvis® RAD system.

You can import the scan data and metadata (in the form of an XML file or CVS file) provided by yuuvis® RAD capture in project mode by using Talend Components for yuuvis® RAD.

The yuuvis® RAD capture scan component is based on the CROSSCAP software from Satz-Rechen-Zentrum Hartmann+Heenemann GmbH & Co.