Service Application Manager SAM

yuuvis® RAD 9.x »

Microservice parameters specified during the installation of yuuvis® RAD service-manager are written to several configuration files (this does not have to done individually for each file); they can be adjusted centrally via the Service Application Manager SAM.

SAM is installed in the \service-manager\tools\sam\ directory. The configuration file in which the Microservice parameters of the installation are entered and in which changes can be entered is also installed there.

To centrally adjust the microservice parameters, follow these steps:

  1. Enter changes in the file.
  2. Example: enaio.db.username=admin

  3. Run sam.bat via the command line with the configure parameter.
  4. The configuration files of the microservices are updated.

You can also modify microservice parameters directly via the command line:

Example: sam.bat configure --enaio.db.username admin

As an alternative to disabling microservices via the servicewatcher-sw.yml configuration file, they can also be uninstalled via SAM.

Example: sam.bat remove ocrservice

For more information on SAM functions and parameters, see the readme file in the installation directory.