Functional Rights

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Functional rights control which applications and functions are available to users.


  • Only users with administrative tasks have access to administrative functions.
  • Only users with the relevant responsibilities are allowed to:
    • manage process models and projects.
    • delete process models.

Certain functional rights are dependent on other functional rights which are valid only if you grant them together with other rights.

Custom Rights

In addition to standard functional rights, custom rights can also be created. Custom rights are additional functional rights that are assigned to roles. They are created as part of a project and then integrated via scripts and conditions of object type rights. When custom rights are created, they have no properties other than the name.

Standard Functional Rights in yuuvis® RAD


  • Save settings

    Users can save and change settings.

  • Manage substitute list

    Users can manage the substitute list.

Document Management

The following functional rights control access to general functions in yuuvis® RAD client:

  • Show full history

    Users can access object histories.

  • Share saved searches

    Users can share their saved searches with other users.

  • Manage subscriptions

    Users can subscribe to objects.

  • Manage follow-ups

    Users can create follow-ups.

  • Unlock objects

    Users can unlock locked objects.

  • Definalize objects

    Users can definalize objects.

Business Process Management

The following functional rights control access to business functions:

  • Manage process models and projects

    Users can edit and manage process models and projects.

  • Delete process models

    Users can delete process models.

  • Manage processes

    Users can manage running processes.

Management and Administration

The following functional rights control access to administrative functions:

  • DMS modeling

    Users can manage schemas and forms.

  • Manage system settings

    Users can manage system settings.

  • Manage organization

    Users can manage organizational structures, groups, and users.

    Manage organization is active only if the Manage rights functional right has also been granted.

  • Manage rights

    Users can manage rights and roles and assign them to groups and users.

    functional right Manage rights is active only if the Manage organization functional right has also been granted.

  • Manage storage media

    Users can manage storage media for the work, cache, and archive storage areas and view the storage information on the documents in the Summary aspect in yuuvis® RAD client.

  • Manage templates

    Users can create templates across systems and edit and manage existing document type templates.

    The right to create and edit their templates is granted to all users in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via the Main menu > System > Core service > Server: Any user can create templates.

  • Manage scripts

    Users can manage scripts to tailor the system to their needs.

  • Show recycle bins of other users

    Users are given access to other users’ recycle bins.

  • Edit profiles

    Users can edit user profiles.