Planning and Constructing the Organizational Structure

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Before you create an organizational structure in yuuvis® RAD, you should plan how you want to structure your organization.

The following aspects should be considered in your plan:

  • How will the work processes be organized within the company?
  • What hierarchical structures are there, and how are the employees grouped within them?
  • Which employees are responsible for which tasks?
  • Which roles must be created based on these tasks?
  • Which employees should be able to view, read, edit, search, and/or delete which object types?

If the organizational structure and roles are planned in great detail, not only will it be easier to implement them in the first place but also to carry out upgrades and maintenance at a later stage.

Setting up an organizational structure typically involves the following steps:

  1. Creating roles with access rights and functional rights in yuuvis® RAD designer.
  2. Creating groups and users in yuuvis® RAD management-studio.
  3. Assigning roles to groups and users based on their tasks.