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If users are absent, their tasks from process work items can be automatically forwarded to one or more users (substitutes). Substitutes can be set up for individual users, organization units, and roles.

In the following cases, tasks are forwarded to the inbox of a substitute:

  • If a user responsible for a task is reported as absent.
  • If all members of a group to whom a task is allocated are registered as absent.
  • If the dunning period within a process has been exceeded.

Users with the appropriate functional rights can define their absence status and substitutes themselves. The presence status of groups cannot be edited. Groups are considered absent if all members are reported as absent at the same time.

Substitutes cannot forward tasks to substitutes.
A substitute does not automatically receive the same rights as the absent user. A substitute may therefore not be able to view or edit a specific business object in a process work item if he/she does not have the necessary rights.

Assigning Substitutes

To assign substitutes to groups and users, follow these steps:

  1. Open the organization management in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via the Main menu > Organization.
  2. Select group or user.
  3. Open the Substitute assignment tab.
  4. Enter relevant users.
  5. Save changes.
  6. The changes will be saved and deployed on the server.

In yuuvis® RAD client, users with the appropriate functional rights specify that they are present and define substitutes in their settings.