Tree Items for Folder Types

yuuvis® RAD designer 9.x »

The folder content will be displayed in a structure tree. Tree items are configured for the structure tree, and the content is listed based on these tree items.

You specify the structural elements for the structure tree for the folder type of a group in the Structure tree view area.

Refer to the developer area for up-to-date information on the structure.json configuration. Configurations can be tested.

When the project is active, the configuration on the connected target system is active.

If there is no configuration, a default configuration with the following tree items is displayed:

  • Object Types
  • Being edited by current user
  • Editor
  • Editing period

Syntax errors are indicated by a tilde (~) in the Tree items view area. Incorrect field names and parameters are not recognized and will not be identified as such. The configuration file can also be saved with errors.

  • The default configuration is used in yuuvis® RAD client if a configuration with syntax errors is active.
  • If a configuration is active with incorrect field names and parameters, yuuvis® RAD client displays an error message.
  • If a configuration should be switched back to the default configuration, the configuration needs to be deleted, and the project needs to be enabled.