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You can create catalogs in the Catalogs area of the schema of a project file.

Catalogs are linear or structured lists that are assigned to fields of the type CatalogEntry.

The user selects an entry from the catalog on forms.

Changes to existing catalog values and localizations result in an automatic reindexing of existing objects.
Reindexing large databases is very time-consuming.

Creating Catalogs

Catalogs are created and opened via the context menu in the Catalogs area.

Catalog entries are created via the context menu of a catalog in the workspace. Using the context menu of a catalog entry, catalog entries are created on the next layer for a structure catalog.

Catalog Entries

Key assignment
Shift+Ctrl+Ins New entry on the same layer
Ctrl+Ins New entry on the next layer
Ctrl+V New entry on the next layer with the contents of the clipboard
F2 Edit selected entry

Properties of Catalogs

Catalogs have the following properties:

Technical name Unique name used in scripts. The technical name must start with a letter and may only contain letters, numbers, and underscores. It may not start with the string 'sys' and cannot be 'no'. You will need to modify the scripts accordingly if you change the technical name. The technical name is not shown on the yuuvis® RAD client user interface.
Separator For structure catalogs with several layers, choose the layer separator from a list.
All entries selectable Enabled: Users can copy the entries of individual layers from a structure catalog.
Keep order Enabled: Catalog entries are not displayed in alphabetical order, but in the order they appear in yuuvis® RAD designer.
Tree/leaf items

Currently not supported in yuuvis® RAD client.

Properties of Catalog Entries

Catalog entries have the following properties:

Display name

Localizable name of the catalog entry.

Names can be localized via the Properties area or the localization table in the Localization view area.


Technical value for the catalog entry that is used in scripts.

If a catalog contains a value more than once, a warning will be issued when checking the schema.

Permitted when creating Enabled: The catalog entry can be used in the 'Create' situation.
Permitted when editing

Enabled: The catalog entry can be used in the 'Edit' situation.

Catalog data types for business processes use the catalog entries with this property.

Catalog entries can be disabled by not allowing them when they are created or changed. Objects with disabled values can be searched for, but disabled values cannot be reassigned. For structure catalogs, only the values of the lowest level can be disabled.

Catalog Data from a Data Source

When creating a catalog, a file containing the catalog data can be specified in CSV format.

The file requires the following structure:


The value and neutral name are specified in the file line by line. The separator is the semicolon.

The neutral name is optional. If it is not specified then the value is also adopted as a neutral name.

For the values, the Permitted when creating and Permitted when editing properties are enabled.