yuuvis® RAD Template Editor

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The yuuvis® RAD Template Editor is an add-in for Microsoft Word used to add controls to documents that are linked to object type fields and object properties. Documents with controls can be integrated as a template into yuuvis® RAD client. When creating a document file from a template, the controls can be populated or replaced with the relevant metadata and properties via data transfer. Data transfers can also be performed via the yuuvis® RAD Office Add-In.

The template function is enabled by default; the data transfer to templates is disabled by default.

The add-in integrates the yuuvis® RAD Templates tab into the Microsoft Word ribbon:

Open connection

A connection to yuuvis® RAD is established via yuuvis® RAD agent. When establishing a connection, the schema is imported and the yuuvis® RAD Template Editor window opens.

In this window, select a document type from the list on the Object definition tab and save the assignment.

You can remove an assignment by clicking the edit icon. All controls that have already been created are deleted.

Object type fields List of all fields of the document type. Double-click to insert a control for an object type field at the current position in the document.
Default values

Users can also double-click to add default properties as controls.

Example: name of current user.


Added controls are shown on the Controls tab.

The following settings can be made for a selected control:

Lock content control


Locked controls cannot be deleted or moved by the user.

When a locked control is moved, a copy of it is automatically created.



Initial controls are deleted after the first data transfer. An additional data transfer to refresh the content is then no longer possible.


List of supported languages

If localized entries exist, they are imported in the selected language.

Read-only mode


The content of read-only controls cannot be edited by the user.

Qualified name
The information displayed is read-only.