Form Templates

yuuvis® RAD automatically provides a technically generated form template with all fields of the object type for each object type. These forms are normally sufficient for technical data transfers or for linking yuuvis® RAD as an archiving solution so that no forms need to be created.

Adapted form templates can be created in yuuvis® RAD for the respective work situations. In object creation forms, for example, you can show all fields required to set up the object. In search forms, you can hide all fields that are not relevant to the search and do not need to be filled out. However, you can also design a standard form for all situations.

Form templates can be created in yuuvis® RAD for the following situations:

  • Standard

    The default form is used in all situations for which no separate form was created.

  • Create

    Forms for creating new business objects.

  • Edit

    Forms for editing existing business objects.

  • Search

    Form for searching for business objects.