Storage Locations for Media Management

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 9.x »

Storage locations for media management are created and managed under Action iconActions > Storage locations.

The dialog shows storage locations that have already been created. Double-click an entry to open the configuration dialog.

A new storage location can be created using the Plus icon Plus icon.

Path Path to storage location, relative to yuuvis® RAD core-service.
Description Description of storage location, optional.

Cluster size

Default: 0

Size of empty directories

Default: 0

Additional clusters per file

Default: 0
Pre-compression Active: Data is compressed in a ZIP archive before being transferred. For 'write-once' media to which the media 'Compress' property does not access.
Cluster size, size of empty directories, and additional clusters per file are technical values that are used for internal size calculations only.

Storage locations can be created based on the data of existing storage locations. The configuration dialog of existing storage locations also offers an Apply as copy function for this purpose.