Managing Media Sets and Media

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 9.x »

Media sets with media are integrated for storing business objects and renditions. The objects are saved in the work and archive areas and cached in optional cache areas for quick access. Retention periods can be defined for data which can be encrypted.

Media sets with media are created in three steps:

  • Integrate storage locations
  • Integrate and configure storage locations for the media sets.

  • Create media sets with media
  • Create and configure media sets with media.

  • Create assignments
  • Create and configure assignments of object types to media sets or assign media set custom values for archiving operations.

Media management is accessed from yuuvis® RAD management-studio via Navigation > Media management.

When you install yuuvis® RAD, a storage location relative to the yuuvis® RAD core-service is created with three media sets:

  • Standard Work with the medium WORK,
  • Standard Archive with the medium ARCHIVE,
  • Standard Cache with the medium CACHE.