yuuvis® RAD 9.x »

Logging settings for yuuvis® RAD core-service can be configured via yuuvis® RAD monitor or detailed settings can be made in the WildFly administration console, which is part of yuuvis® RAD core-service.

You first need to set up a management user for the WildFly administration console. By default, access is only possible on the server on which yuuvis® RAD core-service is installed.

To set up a management user, follow these steps

  • Create a new management user with the WildFly add-user tool.

  • Open the command prompt in the <install>\bin directory.

  • Run the add-user command.

To customize the logging configuration, follow these steps

  • Open the WildFly home screen in the browser by entering the following address: http://localhost:8080/console

  • Log in as a management user.

  • Click Configuration > Subsystems > Logging > Configuration > View.

  • Customize configurations:

    • Root logger: Generic logger for all log reports. Levels can be specified and handlers assigned. The configured level of the root logger specifies the maximum level of reports that other loggers write via the root logger.
    • Categories: The basic categories are configured by default. Levels and handlers can be changed and new categories can be created.
    • Handler: It is possible to define handlers here (e.g., rotating file handlers). The handlers defined here can be assigned to the root logger and to the categories.