Installing ABBYY FineReader

yuuvis® RAD 9.x »

The 'ocrservice' microservice integrates the text recognition software ABBYY FineReader, which creates text documents for full-text indexing and PDF files with hidden text from image documents.

You need the SMUA license (Software Maintenance and Upgrade Assurance), which you purchase from OPTIMAL SYSTEMS and integrate during installation when installing ABBYY FineReader.

ABBYY FineReader must be installed on a workstation on which yuuvis® RAD service-manager is installed with the 'ocr', 'adminservice', 'discoveryservice', and 'renditionsidecar' services.

ABBYY FineReader is installed via the setup.exe application from the \finereader installation directory. Follow the installation dialogs.

After installation, settings for PDF creation in particular can be adapted via the configuration file ocr-prod.yml from the \servicemanager\config\ directory.

Integration into the Microservice Infrastructure

To integrate ABBYY FineReader, follow these steps

  • Enter the number of instances and check the 'env' entry in the servicewatcher-sw.yml configuration file from the \servicemanager\config\ directory:
  •  - name: ocrservice type: microservice profiles: prod,cloud,red instances: 0 memory: 128M port: 7241-7250 path: ${appBase}/ocrservice/ocrservice-app.jar env: ProgramData: ALLUSERSPROFILE:

  • If yuuvis® RAD rendition-plus is also not installed at the workstation, then the IP of yuuvis® RAD rendition-plus must be entered in the application-red.yml configuration file from the \servicemanager\config\ directory:
  • yuuvis.rendition.server: <host>:8090

  • ABBYY FineReader must be activated as an OCR engine in the configuration file from the \rendition-plus\webapps\osrenditioncache\WEB-INF\classes\config\ directory:
  • ocr-engine=finereader


You can uninstall ABBYY FineReader via the Windows Control Panel.


For information on updating components, see Release Information.