Installing yuuvis® RAD designer

yuuvis® RAD designer 9.x »

yuuvis® RAD designer is installed using the MSI package. The version of the MSI package must match the installed version of yuuvis® RAD core-service.

Ensure that the System Requirements are fulfilled before installation.

You will be provided with the following file for installation:


To install yuuvis® RAD designer, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the installation files to the file system of the computer on which you want to install yuuvis® RAD designer.

  2. Use one of the options below to start the installation process:

    1. Double-click the relevant MSI file.

      The installation wizard will start. Follow the steps described by the installation wizard.

    2. Run the msiexec command line command with the following optional parameters:

      msiexec /i yuuvis_rad_designer_setup-<Version>.msi /quiet HOST="<Server IP address>" PORT="<Port number>"

      Installation will start at the command line level.

      Use optional parameters as follows:

      • INSTALLDIR (installation directory)

        Directory in which yuuvis® RAD designer needs to be installed. The default installation directory is
        C:\Program Files (x86)\OPTIMAL SYSTEMS\yuuvis RAD\designer\.

      • HOST

        The IP address of yuuvis® RAD core-service with which yuuvis® RAD designer can be connected.

      • PORT

        Number of port on which the connection will be established.


You can uninstall yuuvis® RAD designer via the Windows Control Panel.


For information on updating components, see Release Information.