Settings for yuuvis® RAD designer

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For yuuvis® RAD designer, a user requires roles with the respective functional rights.

Connection data for one or several servers is stored under yuuvis > Settings. If there are several connections stored there, they will be offered for selection each time a connection is made to a server.

A connection is made using the stored connection data for all actions in yuuvis® RAD designer for which data is downloaded from a server or uploaded to a server. If there is only one connection stored, including user name and password, then the connection is made without the dialog being shown.


  Language German/English/operating system
  Project folder

Folder for project file administration

This directory should be part of a version control system. Project files are not versioned by yuuvis® RAD designer.

  Name/server/port/context path

Connections are specified by yuuvis® RAD gateway with the name, host, and port via Add. If a context path is specified, it is also needed here. User name and password are optional.

Direct connection data to yuuvis® RAD core-service without yuuvis® RAD gateway is also possible.

Confirmation dialogs    
  Grouped list of confirmation dialogs Enable/Disable
Process models    
  Settings for projects and snapshots You determine which process models are part of the project or snapshot when creating new projects using existing projects and creating snapshots.