Hit List Data

yuuvis® RAD 9.x »

The yuuvis® RAD client loads 50 hits in lists by default and 50 different hits each time the user scrolls down.

Depending on the data structure, it may be useful to enter a lower value in order to reduce the amount of data that needs to be transferred or enter a higher one in order to reduce the frequent reloading of data.

Change this value as follows:

  1. Open the main.json file in the <service-manager-data>\webresource\public\client\assets_default\config\ directory.
  2. Go to the following entry:
  3. "search": {

    "searchMode": "idxs",

    "limit": 50


  4. Modify the value of the "limit" parameter.
  5. Save the file.

Changes in the main.json configuration file can be overwritten by updates. If you enter the corresponding parameters in the extend.json configuration file located in the <service-manager-data>\webresource\resources\client\assets\_default\config\< directory, the changes are retained. We recommend you use only the extend.json file for configurations.