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By default, the yuuvis® RAD client home screen displays a dashboard that consists of pre-configured widgets.

Example: The Unread messages widget displays the number of unread messages and opens the inbox by clicking the widget. The widget will not be displayed if there are no unread messages.

The following widgets are included on the default dashboard:

  • Quick search

  • Recently edited and created objects

  • Objects to be filed

  • Unread messages

By default, users can create additional dashboards and edit the default dashboard: insert, delete, change, and position widgets. The dashboard configuration is saved for the specific user.

The configuration of the default dashboard is read from the dashboard.json file in the <service-manager-data>\webresource\public\client\assets\ directory.

You can create a dashboard.json file in the <service-manager-data>\webresource\resources\client\assets\ directory that overwrites the default configuration.

Default configuration:

    "currentWorkspace": "yuv.default.dashboard",
    "workspaces": [
        "id": "yuv.default.dashboard",
        "label": "eo.workspace.widget.default.dashboard",
        "preventDelete": true,
        "preventRename": true,
        "preventEdit": false,
        "grid": [
            "id": "yuv.wdg.quickSearch",
            "widgetName": "yuv.widget.quickSearch",
            "x": 2,
            "y": 5,
            "rows": 19,
            "id": "yuv.wdg.LastEdited",
            "widgetName": "yuv.widget.LastEdited",
            "x": 8,
            "y": 3,
            "rows": 25,
            "cols": 2
            "id": "yuv.wdg.infoIntray",
            "widgetName": "yuv.widget.infoIntray",
            "widgetConfig": {"title": "eo.dashboard.info.intray.msg"},
            "x": 0,
            "y": 2,
            "rows": 4,
            "cols": 2
            "id": "yuv.wdg.infoInbox",
            "widgetName": "yuv.widget.infoInbox",
            "widgetConfig": {"title": "eo.dashboard.info.inbox.msg"},
            "x": 0,
            "y": 7,
            "rows": 4,
            "cols": 2
Parameters and values
Parameter Value
currentWorkspace Active dashboard from the list of dashboards.
workspaces List of available dashboards.

The default dashboard has the ID yuv.default.dashboard.

Custom dashboards get a unique ID.


The label is displayed in the footer as the name of the dashboard.

The default dashboard has the label eo.workspace.widget.default.dashboard.

The user can choose a label for personalized dashboards.

preventDelete true: The dashboard cannot be deleted.
preventRename true: The dashboard cannot be renamed.
preventEdit true: The dashboard cannot be edited.
grid List of widgets of the dashboard.
id Widgets are assigned a unique ID.

Technical name of the widget:

  • yuv.wdg.quickSearch – Quick search

  • yuv.wdg.LastEdited – Recently edited and created objects

  • yuv.wdg.infoIntray – Objects to be filed

  • yuv.wdg.infoInbox – Unread messages

  • yuv.widget.picture – Image

  • yuv.widget.iframe – Webpage

  • yuv.widget.todo – Task list

Coordinates: x,y

Position of the upper left corner of the widget on the dashboard.

"x": 1, "y": 1 corresponds to top left.

Size: rows/cols Size of the widget in grid units.

Example of the 'Webpage' widget

  "id": "19627fab-acae-c478-4f59-a5f5b0634aa7",
  "widgetName": "yuv.widget.iframe",
  "widgetConfig": {
    "title": "OS",
    "url": "https://www.optimal-systems.de"
  "x": 2,
  "y": 1,
  "rows": 5,
  "cols": 5

Further information on developing widgets can be found in the developer area.