Processes in yuuvis® RAD

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Processes in yuuvis® RAD show work processes. They consist of a sequence of interrelated technical activities and work items. Work items are carried out as tasks in yuuvis® RAD client.

Processes are based on process models that are created in yuuvis® RAD designer and managed in yuuvis® RAD management-studio.

A process model specifies the following:

  • Which users can start processes and perform tasks.
  • Which tasks and technical activities succeed each other.
  • Which data and documents are created and edited within a task.
  • Which data and documents are forwarded in processes.

Process Models in yuuvis® RAD designer

Process models are created and edited via the Process models area in yuuvis® RAD designer.

They are saved as individual process model files with the extension 'bpmdef' in the project folder.

Process models can be deployed in a target system using yuuvis® RAD designer or yuuvis® RAD management-studio.

Process models are managed in yuuvis® RAD management-studio.

Examples can be found in the developer area.