Connecting yuuvis® RAD agent

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yuuvis® RAD agent manages the editing of yuuvis® RAD document files using local applications. It adds several new functions to yuuvis® RAD client:

Establishing a Connection

To coordinate actions in yuuvis® RAD client and yuuvis® RAD agent, the two must be connected with yuuvis® RAD server and with one another via the identical user account. This requires yuuvis® RAD client to be connected to yuuvis® RAD agent in the user settings and yuuvis® RAD agent to be connected to yuuvis® RAD server.

More Features

  • Working with Certificates

    yuuvis® RAD agent also supports secure connections with self-signed certificates to yuuvis® RAD server.

  • Working in Special Environments

    yuuvis® RAD agent supports single sign-on and working in environments with Identity Provider and OAuth2. Contact your administrator for more information.

  • Locking Settings

    Your administrator can specify that yuuvis® RAD agent cannot be used or that no changes can be made to the settings in yuuvis® RAD agent.

  • Automatic Connecting

    Your administrator can configure that users in yuuvis® RAD will be automatically connected to yuuvis® RAD agent. Depending on the configuration of the connections in yuuvis® RAD agent, a connection is established upon starting yuuvis® RAD client, or the yuuvis® RAD agent connection dialog will be opened.

Closing Connections

Before you can break the connection between yuuvis® RAD agent and yuuvis® RAD server, you need to close all yuuvis® RAD documents managed in yuuvis® RAD agent and opened in the local applications for editing. The yuuvis® RAD documents managed in yuuvis® RAD agent are not lost by closing the connection or by closing yuuvis® RAD agent.

To disconnect yuuvis® RAD agent and yuuvis® RAD server, follow the same steps you did when connecting them.

To ensure the error-free connection of yuuvis® RAD agent, yuuvis® RAD client, and yuuvis® RAD server, we recommend you configure the browser used on the local workstation as the default browser.