User Management

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Every person set to work with yuuvis® RAD must have a user account.

In an organizational structure, all users are created and managed by the administrator in the position intended for him/her.

User management can involve the following tasks:

  • Creating users.
  • Assigning or changing passwords.
  • Creating password policies.
  • Defining user properties.
  • Assigning roles and groups to users.
  • Setting up and assigning substitutes.
  • Locking or unlocking user accounts.
  • Editing presence statuses.
  • Deactivating and deleting users.

Users and groups are set up in yuuvis® RAD management-studio.

Login Attempts

The default setting for users is that the account will be locked for 300 seconds after three unsuccessful login attempts with the incorrect password. The user can only attempt to log in again once this time period has elapsed. These default settings can be changed via yuuvis® RAD management-studio:
System > Settings > Core service > Cluster > Session services:

  • Maximum number of permitted login attempts

    Number of attempts before the account is temporarily locked. Default = 3.

    The value '0' permits an unlimited number of login attempts.

  • Timeout in seconds for when the account is locked

    Time period for how long the account is locked after the maximum number of permitted login attempts has been exceeded. Default = 300 seconds.

    The value '-1' will lock the account for an indefinite time period. The account can only be unlocked again by an administrator via the properties of the user account.

Password Policy

You can set policies regarding the password length and complexity:
System > Settings > Core service > Cluster > Session services:

  • Minimum length

    Minimum length for passwords. Default = 7

  • Digits

    Minimum number of digits. Default = 0

  • Special characters

    Minimum number of special characters. Default = 0

    Special characters are all characters except for A-Z, a-z, 0-9