Operations in yuuvis® RAD

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 8.x »

Operations in yuuvis® RAD have the following functions:

  • System control
  • System maintenance

Operations are created for report generation and e-mailing with general parameters or as tasks with specific technical parameters. For each operation, several tasks can be created with individual parameters.

Tasks can be performed directly or integrated as a task with a schedule for periodic execution.

The operations are called in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via the Main menu > Operations. They are divided into operation groups.

Several operations are created and activated as tasks with a schedule with the installation.

Users need the Manage scripts functional right to configure operations.

List of Operations

Depository operations
DMS Operations
Finalization operations
  • Finalize
  • Objects are finalized.

Message Operations
  • Subscription
  • Notifications about subscriptions are executed.

  • Follow-up
  • Notifications about follow-ups are executed.

Organization Operations
  • Import organization
  • Organization data for the user administration are imported from a directory service.

Repository operations
Full-Text Operations

An eSQL statement is specified when configuring certain operations. You can use the actions menu to open a dialog for testing eSQL statements.

Configured Operations

The following operations are created and activated as tasks with a schedule with the installation:

  • Follow-up, Subscription, Clean up cache, Clean up history, Permanently delete files, Clean up access logs, Clean up pre-existing objects, Clean up recycle bins, Clean up security logs, Technical update.

These tasks can be edited, suspended, and deleted.