Administrative E-mails

yuuvis® RAD management-studio 8.x »

Administrative e-mails are sent:

  • when operations are executed and these are configured accordingly;

  • if e-mail notification is sent in process activities;

  • if e-mail notification is set up for follow-ups;

  • if e-mails are sent via the REST WebService.

The dispatch of administrative e-mails in yuuvis® RAD management-studio can be set up under the E-mail tab via the Main menu > System.


Send e-mail messages Select/Deselect
Recipient E-mail address of the recipient
Sender E-mail address of the sender
E-mail server host name

Host name



Default: 25 for unencrypted connections, 465 for encrypted connections

Transport security

None: No Transport Layer Security

TLS: TLS active

StartTLS: Change to TLS after the connection has been established

SMTP authorization Select/Deselect
User name User name for e-mail server authentication.
User password Password of the user

Additional settings for sending e-mails can be made via yuuvis_rad_core-servicew.exe in the Java tab under Java options.