Configurations for yuuvis® RAD client

yuuvis® RAD 8.x »

You can use the extend.json custom configuration file to make settings for yuuvis® RAD client that are not changed when updating yuuvis® RAD. An update can overwrite the main.json default configuration file in the <service-manager-data>\webresource\public\client\assets\_default\config\ directory, resulting in the loss of changes made to this file.

When starting yuuvis® RAD client, the settings from the extend.json configuration file are read from the same <service-manager-data>\webresource\resources\client\assets\_default\config\ directory. If there are settings in the directory with the same name as in the main.json file, then these will be used. If settings are missing in the directory, the corresponding settings from the main.json configuration file will be used.

After making changes, users must clear the browser cache and press F5 to reload yuuvis® RAD client.