Operations in yuuvis® RAD

Valid for: yuuvis® RAD management-studio version 7.x

Operations in yuuvis® RAD have the following functions:

  • System control
  • System maintenance

Operations are created for report generation and e-mailing with general parameters or as tasks with specific technical parameters. For each operation, several tasks can be created with individual parameters.

Tasks can be performed directly or integrated as a task with a schedule for periodic execution.

The operations are called in yuuvis® RAD management-studio via the Main menu > Operations. They are divided into operation groups.

The installation creates several operations as tasks, such as technical updates, message operations and cache cleanup operations. These tasks can be edited, suspended, and deleted.

Users need the Manage scripts functional right to manage operations

List of Operations

Depository Operations
DMS Operations
Finalization Operations
  • Finalizing
  • Objects are finalized

Message Operations
  • Subscription
  • Notifications about subscriptions are executed

  • Follow-up
  • Notifications about follow-ups are executed

Organization Operations
  • Import organization
  • Organization data for user administration is imported from a directory service

Repository operations
  • Archiving
  • Documents will be written to the assigned archive media sets for archiving

Full-Text Operations

An eSQL statement is specified when configuring certain operations. You can use the actions menu to open a dialog for testing eSQL statements.