Installing yuuvis® RAD agent

Valid for: yuuvis® RAD version 6.x

yuuvis® RAD agent is an optional component of yuuvis® RAD, which can be installed on a Windows workstation to manage document files on the local workstation in direct connection with yuuvis® RAD core-service and coordinate editing with local applications. yuuvis® RAD agent enables, for example, the direct transfer of files from these applications by working with Office and Outlook add-ins. As a browser application, yuuvis® RAD client alone only supports the downloading and uploading of document files.

Installation and Connections

yuuvis® RAD agent is installed via the MSI file yuuvis_rad_agent_setup_<Version>.msi on the workstations. yuuvis® RAD agent is activated as a startup program and integrated in the Windows desktop task bar, from which it is also called up.

yuuvis® RAD agent requires a connection to yuuvis® RAD core-service.

Via the connection profile from yuuvis® RAD agent, users can open yuuvis® RAD client.

Establishing a Connection

The user can establish a connection from yuuvis® RAD client or yuuvis® RAD agent.

The system administrator can use the configuration file extend.json to configure that new users in yuuvis® RAD client are immediately connected to yuuvis® RAD agent. Depending on the configuration of the connections in yuuvis® RAD agent, the connection is established or the yuuvis® RAD agent connection dialog is opened.

Entry in the extend.json file:


Log Files

The log files are created by yuuvis® RAD agent in the following directory:

C:\Users\<User name>\AppData\Roaming\yuuvisRAD agent\logs\


You can uninstall yuuvis® RAD agent via the Windows Control Panel.


For information on updating components, see Release Information.