Sharing Objects

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You can assign read access to a certain document or folder to other users who do not have this read right by using the Share icon Share action. The Read object type right is valid until you remove it. Shared objects are indicated by a Shared icon Shared icon in the header of the object area.

  • You as the sharer require the 'Share' right for the corresponding object type.

  • In order to use the shared read permission, the selected users need the Available object type right for the object type of the shared object; for folders, they also required this right for the document types these folders contain. Conditions on object type rights are evaluated.

  • The relevant object type must be configured for sharing.

When sharing, you can decide whether you want to grant read rights for a document or folder. With a folder, you also have the option of deciding whether all the documents stored in it are involved in the sharing or solely the folder. The second option is particularly useful if you only want to make individual documents in the folder accessible in addition to the folder.

The option that you share only the folder and not the documents contained in it applies initially to all documents contained in the shared folder. Regardless of whether the recipients permitted to share normally have read or write access to the object types of the documents contained in the folder. You now have the option to share the documents contained in the folder individually. This way you can individually determine which documents are visible and which are not.