Applying Actions to More Than One Object

yuuvis® RAD client 10.x »

If you select several objects in an object list (such as a hit list or the favorites list) and then click the Actions menu iconActions menu in the area window of the object list, you can apply an action to several objects.

The opened actions menu shows the number of objects to which the actions are applied in the title bar. Sometimes it can happen that individual actions cannot be applied to all selected objects, such as because some selected objects that you want to add to your favorites are already favorites. In these cases, numbers on the buttons of the actions indicate the number of objects to which an action can be applied.

Certain actions, such as Open in context icon Open in folder, Versions icon Show versions, Delete icon Deleting Link Documents and Share icon Share, are not available if you selected several objects. If you have connected yuuvis® RAD client to yuuvis® RAD agent, the Open document file icon Open document file action is also not available if you selected several objects.

Multiple document files can only be downloaded concurrently up to a certain file size. The maximum file size that can be downloaded varies between 500 MB and 800 MB depending on the browser.